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*Testing 12 Inch Design Downloads BEFORE You Buy*

In a hurry and know what you're doing? DOWNLOAD TEST FILES NOW!


To make extra sure that our files will work for you before you buy, please read:

You must have QuickTime installed to use our products!  Most editing software does this for you automatically.  If you are on a Mac, this is done for you.  If you're on a PC and aren't sure, watch this VIDEO ABOUT QUICKTIME on the PC.

Our downloadable animated backgrounds come as QuickTime movie files as well as H.264 codec MPEG4 files for maximum compatibility with a variety of software.  Normally you will use the QuickTime file for best quality.

Our animated elements (which include an alpha channel) come only as QuickTime movie files because of the alpha channel required.  Your software must support QuickTime files with alpha channel to use these files!

You should download the test files which include a background in QuickTime (.mov) and in MPEG4 (.mp4) format, as well as an animated element in QuickTime format.  If these files work in your software of choice then you can be confident that all of our products will work in your system. 

We have verified that our files work in a variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Final Cut X

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Final Cut Express

  • iMovie

  • Motion

  • After Effects

  • Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Elements

  • Sony Vegas

  • Sony Movie Studio HD

  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX

Even if you see your software listed, please download the test files to make sure you are comfortable downloading the files, extracting them from their .zip file and are able to import them into your software. If you are having any trouble getting the files to work, please consult our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.


If you're not sure how to use our files with your software, check out our FREE TUTORIALS page.  We may have a tutorial video that will help!

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